21. EAS-ISME Konferansı 13-16 Şubat 2012, Belçika

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21. EAS-ISME Konferansı 13-16 Şubat 2012, Belçika

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21st EAS Conference
ISME European Regional Conference
“The Reflective Music Teacher”
February 13-16, 2013
Lemmensinstituut, Leuven, Belgium

The aim of the conference is to shed light upon the constantly changing role of the music teacher in music teaching and learning processes. It focuses mainly on general music education – on the reflective skills of music teachers and how to achieve high quality music education in classrooms and communities. Special attention is given to practitioners’ research and to the question of whether and when everyday reflection can be considered a form of research. This central focus will be discussed in the context of European diversity. The conference addresses music educators across a range of experiences, from classroom and community practitioners to student music teachers and researchers.

Please download the submission form from http://www.eas-music.org/eas2013 and send it to info@eas-music.org.
Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2012.
Proposals will be blind peer reviewed.
Notice of acceptance will be in the first week of December 2012.
• the maximum length of the abstract is 300 words
• indicate the format of your proposal:
• research paper (20 min.)
• project report (20 min.)
• workshop (60 or 90 min.)
• mention at least three keywords
• criteria for acceptance: clearly focused, well structured, related to the conference theme, relevant to an international audience in the field of music education, sufficient command of English
• for a research paper: a clear rationale and context for the research question, methodology, literature references, and main findings.
• for a project report: a clear description of the context and main purposes, and characteristic of the project.
• for workshops: a clear description of the aims, content and structure of the workshop.
• include a short curriculum vitae (max. 100 words)