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1. Budapest International Guitar Competition 4-8 Kasım 2014

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gönderen Admin
"Dear friends and colleagues, please forward this e-mail to your students. Thank you,

You are welcome to visit the new, starting hungarian guitar competition's website!

1. Budapest International Guitar Competition
Total prize-value: 18.000 Euros
9000 Euros in cash
a concert guitar from Masaki Sakurai
Concerts on famous European guitar festivals and concert series
Other valuable prices!

http://www.musicmalt.com/2014/09/budape ... ition.html

Please register yourself to get the news about the competition!
Please click a like and share the information!
Thank you!
I hope to see you in Budapest!"
Thank you ....

Sincerely, Jozsef Eotvos
of the F. Liszt Music Academy
Budapest, Hungary